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Authors of

  • Fall in Love Again, Every Day: 3 Steps to True Connection for Any Couple
  • Radical Sabbatical: Could You Say Goodbye to Everything You Know to Get Everything You Want?

For Laura and Glen, leaving corporate America for the jungles of Costa Rica was an opportunity to boldly follow their dreams and experience life outside the lines. So many people aspire to make great leaps in life. They are thinking big and looking forward to achieving aspirations with great excitement. In spite of that, at some point, too many people give up. The harsh truth is that our own minds and those of even our partners and spouses often get in the way of our dreams. These life adventurers share the secrets of how to let passion lead you to action and take the most exciting life leaps, conquering your deepest fears and getting to true enjoyment every day.

Follow this young couple’s story in Radical Sabbatical: Could You Say Goodbye to Everything You Know to Get Everything You Want? as they move from a charmed American life to the rainforest on a hilarious, heartfelt journey of worldly struggles and the importance of relationship!

Endorsements: “I fondly recall the time Glen, Laura and I spent in a writing class when they were picking up tips about writing a book about their South American adventure. We could all tell their evolution from corporate America to the jungles of Costa Rica and how they survived with their relationship intact (big snakes notwithstanding), had the class enthralled. Trust me when I say this book is chock full of funny, poignant and endearing wisdom from two people who have uncommon…common sense to share.” Linda Bolliger

“Great insights and a great read for any couple, whether issues exist or not. It helps validate some of the ways we (my husband and I) have learned to communicate over the years. Thank you for sharing very personal experiences and feelings with us”. Miami Herald Contributor

Heart’s Desire International LLC would like to recognize and congratulate Glen Tibaldeo & Laura Berger, supporters of the Lifelong Romance Retreat and authors of “Fall in Love Again Every Day!” What an honor to not only be photographed with Jack Canfield, but to have him holding your book!” Gladys Diaz

See why an organization that honors, connects, and promotes the women who are making strides and changing lives names Laura Berger as one of those 100 women. Truly Amazing Women features Laura Berger