Fall in Love Again, Every Day

Fall in Love

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Fall in Love Again, Every Day: 3 Steps to True Connection for Any Couple

Formats: Paperback / Kindle eBook
First Edition Release Date: March, 2012


What would it take to start moving your relationship from “remember when” to “joy is now?” Maybe a year or more of counselling or indefinite meandering effort? How about an hour or two of reading?

From Glen Tibaldeo and Laura Berger’s authentic experience emerged Fall in Love Again, Every Day, a seasoned three-step gem handed down from generation to generation and yet hidden from the masses.

You will be mesmerized by how assumptions and mysteries that lurked in your relationship, invisible for so long, can be understood so quickly. Most importantly, you will be startled to discover the connection that you can create within fourteen days.

Fifty questions are presented at the end of this short read to get you started.

Dispel the myth that the most important victories in life have to be difficult. You can fall in love again every day and get back to a fun, growing relationship in no time.


“Great insights and a great read for any couple, whether issues exist or not. It helps validate some of the ways we (my husband and I) have learned to communicate over the years. Thank you for sharing very personal experiences and feelings with us.”– Miami Herald Contributor

Heart’s Desire International LLC would like to recognize and congratulate Glen Tibaldeo & Laura Berger, supporters of the Lifelong Romance Retreat and authors of “Fall in Love Again Every Day!” What an honor to not only be photographed with Jack Canfield, but to have him holding your book!” – Gladys Diaz, Dating and Relationship Intimacy Coach


Taking a tremendous life leap, we moved to a remote part of Costa Rica. The 10/10 technique contained in the book is what helped us to align in that dream and get the guts to take the big plunge. When there, buried in unexpected surprises and amazing life change, we used 10/10 to save our marriage from the brink. We owe our lives to the technique. We owe it to the world to spread its power.