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Topic:  Life and Leadership Lessons from the Jungle

Be captivated by how rappelling from 200ft waterfalls, paragliding from the heights of 2400 ft over the jungles and coastline of Costa Rica translate into techniques to fostering and nurturing your leadership capabilities.

A Guide to Surviving in Survival Mode Anywhere

Explore with Laura the trials and tribulations of living in the jungles where she reveals the harsh and comical lessons learned and how they apply to your everyday jungle in effectively handling client demands and issues, different personalities, and complex cultural shifts.

The 3 Secret C’s to Your C-Suite

Do you have the courage to tell the story of who you are–imperfect? Do you have the compassion to feel how others are feeling and really listen to them without judgement? Is your iPhone overloaded with contacts? Yet, you feel very alone. Laura incorporates 3 easy, yet effective, principles throughout her life that have propelled her to a pinnacle of personal and professional achievement.  Now she shares this simple and powerful plan with others to help fulfill their potential and realize their dreams.

Fear: A Powerful Catalyst

How do you cultivate bravery without fear?  Everyone’s success has one or more basic, enduring pillars at its base.  Laura reveals why fear is one of the 4 pillars of her success and how you can use fear as a powerful positive force in your life.